Anabolic Cooking Review

Honey Mustard Porkchops

Honey Mustard Pork Chops

Today I’m introducing a cookbook called Anabolic Cooking. This book is recommended for people interested in body building. I’ve read a ton of cookbooks already and to be honest, most of them are pretty much the same. What I can tell you is that I do see this book focusing on high protein and is suitable to pair up with your workout routine. I’m just a regular dude with some knowledge on bodybuilding, but I do think this book’s recipes are quite legit when I compare the recipes with all the stuff I’ve read online in bodybuilding and nutrition forums. So if you’re looking to build muscles, I recommend you ditching all the other books I’ve been talking about and go for this one instead.

Who is The Author and is He Legit?

It is worth noting that the author of this program, David Ruel, is a well known body builder who has had his material featured in several media outlets and popular Internet forums. Whenever I think about taking advice from others, I have to ask if that person is an expert in what I want to achieve. That is very important for me, and I’ve looked this guy up several times because I’m sometimes quite skeptical about things like this. But seeing what he has achieved, I decided to trust the fact that there’s no reason why this product wouldn’t help me achieve similar results to his and gave it a try.

What do you get for your money

Anabolic Cooking System

Anabolic Cooking System

For $27 you get the book and a bunch of pdf reports that proved to be quite useful. There’s a total of 200 recipes in the cookbook all geared towards maximizing muscle growth. I particularly enjoyed the supplements report that talked about which ones didn’t work and which ones were legit. There are so many supplements out there that I had absolutely no clue on which ones were essential, so that helped me out.


Calorie Calculator

One interesting thing is that this came with a special calculator for calories, BMI, and nutrient breakdown. It’s pretty cool, and they claim to be quite advanced and accurate. I can’t vouch for that statement, but it does output different numbers than some of the more questionable calculators I’ve found online.

It is my rule to never get a cookbook that doesn’t have a quick start guide. I like to keep things simple, and if I have to spend hours figuring out how to do things then you can say goodbye to my money. It’s got pretty much everything I’d call standard with some cool money saving tips as well. At this point, I’d just say that that money saved covers the cost of this book already.

There are also meal plans and training logs for us to use if we don’t want to make our own. And finally, we apparently get lifetime updates on this program. I haven’t had it for long but that sounds like a sweet deal.

Anabolic Cookbook

Anabolic Cookbook

Who is it for

Asparagus and Potato Fritatta

Asparagus and Potato Frittata

This book is for people who are into getting fit and looking for some recipes to go with their routines. The main concern is the taste of your food because the general mindset about fitness is that you just eat dry chicken breasts and broccolli. But this book’s aim is provide you with food that actually tastes GOOD and still be following the nutrient breakdowns you’re looking for.

The last two factors is what my own main concerns were. People who suck at cooking and how simple it is. The recipes are simple and uses common everyday ingredients that are easy to prepare. There’s also a section on meal prepping and significantly cutting down cooking times, so there’s that.

So if you’re terrible at cooking, looking for something simple, but tastes good and is suitable for muscle building… this is the book for you!


Protein Waffles

Protein Waffles

  • Food tastes good and is designed for gaining muscles at the same time
  • Simple and effective
  • Recipes only use everyday common ingredients that can be found at your local supermarket
  • Recipes are cheap, and money saving tips are included
  • Teaches you more than just recipes


  • E-books only, no physical copy
  • Protein Shakes were not good <– Might be biased, but I just wasn’t a fan of these.

Here’s a quick video on the protein bar recipe that you can check out. It’s pretty tasty!



The Verdict

Score: 9/10 If you’re into muscle building
            7.5/10 There are better books if muscle building is not your concern.
Justification: This book is specialized for muscle building so I am only recommending it for that. It’s main purpose is to provide fitness enthusiasts with good tasting good instead of dry chicken breasts and broccoli everyday. But if you’re looking for general good tasting food for a normal lifestyle, I recommend other books I’ve reviewed on the site so far.



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