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Today I’m going to review Metabolic Cooking. This book is a bit different from the other reviews I’ve done so far in a technical sense. Other cookbooks are more casual where you cook simple and quick meals that taste good and are healthy or follows the Paleo guidelines. But Metabolic Cooking takes a more scientific approach with combinations of food and what to eat at different times of the day. With that being said, the authors Karine Losier and Dave Ruel has been featured on many radio programs, TV shows, and Magazines. Those who are familiar with her work should know that this book has helped many people on their goals and is strongly vouched by several fitness professionals.

Let’s get started!

The Deal


The Whole Boxset

So what do you get when you purchase this book?

  • Complete Metabolic Cooking – 9 Cookbook Set
  • Fat Loss Optimizer Guide
  • Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolic Dressings
  • Thermo-charged Seasoning Guide
  • Supplements Optimizer Guide
  • Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets
All of this is being sold at the price of $29

Is It Easy To Use?


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When it comes to ease of use, I always go straight for the meal plans and grocery lists. But this program exceeded my expectations of what you would usually get! Not only do they have the usual meal plans and grocery lists laid out, they’ve included an INDIVIDUALIZED meal plan. This means that that section of the book will teach you how to make that meal plan optimized for YOU and only YOU. What’s more is that they’ve also included “cooking quick sheets” which simplifies the whole process even more. You’ll have a quick recipe finder list, conversion charts for recipes in case you are from a different country, and a shopping master list! Out of all the cook books I’ve read so far, this one has made it the easiest to use and has simplified it down the most. So if you don’t know what you’re doing then this book is the one for you.

How much and what are you paying for?

So the book is set at $29 with the usual 60 day full refund. Like I always say, what have you got to lose? If you don’t like it, do a full refund and go on with your life. If it works out, then you’ve changed your life!


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Essentially, what you’re paying for is a bunch of recipes that is optimized for fat loss. If you’re like me who likes to keep everything simple, you don’t need to understand the science behind it all. Because this book has laid out all the recipes and plans for you in a way that you just need to cook and eat it at the times the book tells you to. They sneakily do things like combining certain types of nutrients that will work together synergistically, and have you eat certain foods that optimize fat burning at certain times of the day. They also like to mix up your sources of protein and introduce new ones your body is unfamiliar with, essentially “shocking” your body and improving metabolism. Those are some of the things I’ve learned from this book and you don’t even need to know it. Just using the recipes and plans will do it all for you.
One other special thing I’d like to mention is that this book teaches you a lot about customization. How to make a plan so that it is custom-tailored to you. There’s even a bonus book on making salads with plenty of combinations for calorie-free dressings. All this, while keeping it tasting good!
Those are just some of the things that stood out to me, but the fact is I’ve only covered less than half of what you’re getting out of this. If your goal is simple, yet effective fat loss… this is the book for you.

The Verdict

Score: 9/10
Justification: This book is sold at a price similar to many other products but comes with so much more than them. It is not only simple and easy to use, but also sneaks in all the science to make your body burn fat effectively without you even knowing about it. The author’s really know what they’re doing and just seem more professional overall. I highly recommend this to those who take changing their lifestyle and losing weight seriously.

Check it out if you’re interested!


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