Paleo Grubs Book Review

Paleo3So today I’m going to review the Paleo Grubs recipe book. My main concern for a cookbook is SIMPLICITY and these recipes are just that. Simple and easy to use.

But before we get into talking about the actual book, I’m going to address a question many people have about this book. Is there a hard cover? Nope, it is DIGITAL only. I know most of us who use recipe books like to have a physical copy to look at while we’re cooking up some of these delicious recipes, so I do recommend printing out and binding your absolute favourite recipes from the book.

I’m going to be talking about what you get, how easy it is to use, how much it costs, and whether or not it is the right book for you. So let’s get started!

The Deal

First of all, what do you get when you purchase the book?
  • Paleo Grubs Cookbook with 470+ Paleo Recipes
  • 10 week Meal Plan
  • Paleo Desserts
  • Slow Cooker Meals


Is it Easy to Use?

I’m all about how simple a cookbook is, so bakedavocadoeggshow easy it is to use it? SO EASY. I really mean it. This book has got you covered no matter what what level you are. If you are a total beginner, Bonus#1 is where you begin. A 10 week meal plan laid out for you, with shopping lists for each week. It doesn’t get any easier than that right? From what to buy at the shop to how to prepare the meal until it reaches our stomach. If your’re concerned about dietary conditions, they have 160 autoimmune-friendly recipes for you.

The only downside is that there are so many options. With 400+ recipes where do you even begin? Being the simple guy I am, I just chose whatever looked easiest and delicious for me to try (Baked Avocado with Eggs!). But like I said before, that meal plan is a good start if you don’t know where you’re going.

How Much and What Are You Paying For?

So the book is $37 and they will throw in those bonuses which is worth about $95 total. The best thing about this is that you can try all of this and have 60 days to get a full refund. If you’re interested in starting a healthy paleo lifestyle, I don’t see any risks in NOT trying it out. Starting something new that’s good for you can be hard, that’s why I was looking for something simple because I was afraid of being overwhelmed. This book has over 470 recipes, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. Because they made it simple to use and with enough recipes to satisfy everybody’s tastes.

The Verdict?

Score: 8/10
Justification: I gave this book an 8 just because I think the book can be better than it already is. But to be honest… there are so many delicious recipes in this book that you kind of only need this one. I say that because after messing around with it a bit, I sort of learned to innovate and mess around with my favourite recipes from this book. I mean, the fact is that this book has over 470 recipes is an overwhelming thought right? The truth is that most people won’t try them all. They will pick one’s that look tasty for them and eventually make interesting twists of their own and find a recipe they’d to make often. Then one day, you will feel bored with what your’e making and you look into this book again to find a new recipe to mess around with. That’s how it turned out for me, and I’m still using it to this day!

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